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Strategic guidance traditionally comes either by giving up a portion of your company or by hiring consulting companies that are unaffordable to small businesses. In these cases, the right balance of experience and a willingness to roll up the sleeves to serve the needs of the business owner is required. Tarek Hossain is known to go to great lengths to improve Client’s results and solve problems. He is also loyal to a fault to his Clients and believes that great advice can mean the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

In my opinion, the end game is the long-term impact, not just short-term results. I always guide my clients towards sustainable long term growth

Now rolling back to the early 2000s, Tarek graduated from the University of Toronto and started his first company in January 2006 with a limited network and very little capital. A month earlier he left his corporate job at Manulife Financial to foray into entrepreneurship. 8 years later the venture had grown into a multi-million dollar business with 9 employees. Tarek oversaw every aspect of the business, including the finances, business development/sales, account management, administration, and operations. The business was acquired by a conglomerate in 2013.

These accomplishments, combined with over 15 years in business operations and an unparalleled work ethic, have led to his establishment as a successful business consultant. Once he had sold his business, Tarek realized his true passion was providing consultation for small businesses, resulting in the development of the service mantra: "no job is too small".

Over the last 8 years, Tarek has provided countless small businesses and startups with invaluable advice and the development of business plans, pitch decks, etc., allowing them to acquiring financing, streamline processes, increase efficiencies and realize their full potential. In addition to this role, Tarek owns multiple other thriving businesses, such as a talent coaching service, a recruitment agency, and a moving & storage business. 

Small Business Consultant, Startup Consulting Service in Ontario and Alberta, Canada
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